Dear Internationals, regarding COVID-19…

Dear international students. We have recieved messages bysome of you whose rental contracts are to expire soon and who are scared they could end up homeless for a certain time due to issues in connection to COVID-19.

The first instance you should consider contacting over this is the Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende. They can provide you with financial and mental aid.

Another instance you should consider contacting is the Welcome and Housing Department of the TU. They could help you find a new temporarily home.

We would, however, also like to encourage you to contact your fellow students over this. A lot of shared appartments in Darmstadt are able to house couchsurfers for a couple of days or weeks. So try to ask around, if s. o. has a spot for you on their couch.

Best regards and wishes,

Your Student Union

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